About us

The idea of ​​Think Jewels was born from our love for creation. Anything handmade attracted our attention from an early age and so our first jewelry was created in 2006 on the glass table in our father's kitchen. The materials were malleable, since this was what our age at the time allowed us and the home oven was our ally.
And somewhere here you have surely understood that there is a blood relationship. So you got it right, we are two sisters, Meni and Kiki, who even if our paths led us elsewhere for a few years, this love never stopped existing and our thoughts were always on creating jewelry.
So our thought and dream about handmade jewelry became reality and got the name THINK JEWELS which comes from the English word think. A name as simple as the ingredients we had on the glass table at the time.
Our journey into the wonderful world of jewelry has begun for us and we invite you to join us. Our goal is to constantly think of everything about jewelry for you, and our dream is for THINK JEWELS to be your first thought when it comes to jewelry.
We are here for your every special moment, offering options and combinations for a timeless and elegant style, with a modern and unique mood. Create your own story through the choice of jewelry that suits you and become part of that dream.