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Denominations: €20.00

Last minute gifts and don't know what to choose?

Our online gift card frees your hands without wasting your time searching. You choose the amount you wish to donate, enter the recipient's details, go to the checkout and so simply and quickly the best gift for your loved ones is ready.

Why choose the gift card as a gift?

- Select amount based on your wish

- Possibility of choosing any product by the recipient of the gift card

- It's the fastest and easiest way to show your love to your loved ones, regardless of time and location

-Contactless transaction with the sender of the gift or intermediaries


All products are shipped in a luxury box, ideal for gifting and jewelry storage.

Please let us know if this is a gift so a special gift card can be included.



Your orders are shipped via ACS courier in Greece and Cyprus.


The shipping cost for all of Greece is €2.90 and cash on delivery €2.50. The delivery time of your orders is calculated in most areas of Greece 1-3 working days, while in hard-to-reach areas 1-5 working days.


The shipping cost for all of Cyprus is €12. The delivery time of your orders is estimated at 5-7 working days.

* Cash on delivery service is not supported in Cyprus.
*The time delivery can be increased in period
sales, during periods of great offers such as BLACK FRIDAY or if there are intervening holidays.
**In case there is a problem with availability or any other reason we will contact you.

In the collection
at us you will find jewelry mainly made of stainless steel, as well as others
different metals.

your jewelry lasts for a long time, they need care to stay
as it was when you bought them. Daily use, air pollution and
dust affect the shine of your jewelry, so we suggest you
follow our instructions below.

Stainless steel

stainless steel has strong resistance to wear and rust that
due to exposure, water or humidity. All it takes is one
gentle cleaning with a soft cloth as stainless steel does not oxidize
it doesn't blacken either, so it doesn't need much care.


The jewelry
these, are a mixture of various materials mainly of steel chains with
gold-plated or silver-plated elements (brass, bronze, etc.). They have resistance to time, but it exists
more likely this material than stainless steel, yes
oxidize when in contact with water, sweat, perfumes/creams, etc. That's why
For this reason, we recommend that you follow the steps below:

– He avoided
direct contact with water and chemical products such as perfume, creams, etc.

- Do not
you store the jewelry in the bathroom because it can get damaged
quickly from moisture.

– Don't wear
jewelry when you bathe/shower, in the pool, in the sea, in the sauna

- Take them off
jewelry during sleep, exercise and work at

– Chlorine,
detergents, oils, creams, perfumes, make-up products, acidic pH etc. all
can cause damage.

- He was cleaning
regularly and carefully your jewelry, after each use, with a soft
dry cloth.

- Do not
you leave the jewelry on wet, hot or rough surfaces or thrown in the

– Don't pull
or you press the chains. Wrap them carefully when you store them so that they don't
they get involved.

The Think Jewels team does not guarantee that the gilding of the
jewelry will last forever.

gold-plated jewelry is by definition more delicate and is more likely to
lose their color over time.

The duration
life of the jewelry depends on you, on the use you make and on the pH
of your body.

Denominations: €20.00